Sunday, October 28, 2012

Biovael and the Outliers

Xan smiled that charming grin and pulled the fae close. 
           Willow blinked at Kif. "They cannot possibly be good for a person. Nothing in this market seems natural, good or whole. It all just seems to be mild to..." She gestured to the powder packs. "...not so mild poisons."
“It used to be a prescription thing,” Kif bowled through the crowd as if they were no more than wooden pins, “Then Snowdust got legalized for mass-market production.”
Willow seemed in shock for a moment until Nickel roused her with a touch to the shoulder. “Don’t worry. Keep moving before they try to sell you something."
Up ahead, Xan had waited, pulling them aside between two booths. Towards the back was where they traded. A rather large red haired woman was behind it, who smiled when she saw the group of humans, and when she noticed the two additions, she gasped softly.
"Xan... are they... are they the ones?"
Xan smiled that charming grin and pulled the fae close. "Siobhan, meet Willow and Gwydd. Siobhan is our inner-city ear to the ground, as it were."
As the group made their rounds of introduction, Kif hung back on the excuse of watching the door.  The truth was that he preferred to avoid that red-headed she-devil.  Every time he came around, she made fancy eyes at him.  It was plain too much.
Siobhan and Xan wasted no time trading news.  Cyin were nosing around, cautioun advised – Biovael had its spies everywhere but it was unclear what had caused the surge in activity.  Willow asked how long ago that had started and discovered had been a week or two.  That was disconcertingly close to the time of the meeting at Stone Circle.
While they spoke, Gwydd edged toward Nickel and exchanged a quiet conversation.  The human girl nodded intermittently and then slipped back into the Drug Market.
“So, if the Greenhouse is self-sufficient, why even venture into the city?” Willow tucked a platinum strand behind a pointed ear but when Siobhan raised a brow, she covered it back up.
“There is sort of a secret ‘council’ of outlying communities.” Xan elaborated, running a hand through his purposefully messy hair. “There was talk awhile back of trying to unify, maybe start a movement of some sort – that’s what started us going inner-city.”  His face darkened in perplexity. “No one is particularly sure how though, so the idea has been sitting.”

 "I don't understand." Willow took a deep breath and asked the big question. "What is everyone so afraid of?"

Siobhan absently made a sign against evil and Xan just whispered it. "The Man."
Nickel came running in past Kif with a battle-ready face on. "We got issues..."

"Tell me, Maeve, what comes to my city?"
Montague had moved from his visionaries. He walked into his private quarters with an unhappy look to his face. There was a soft tinkling, like tiny bells, from movement and he gave a wry smile. "Tell me, Maeve, what comes to my city?"
His footfalls led him to a bed, curtained in sheer black panels. A thin, iron chain hooked to the bedpost. Something moved behind the curtain and it pulled the chain tighter within.
A soft voice spoke, raspy, haunted. "Here within these walls of sin, Enter freely, my own kin. Rise they will and bring your fall, down comes the Giant, City and all..."
Vørst's face contorted in anger and he growled, loudly. He turned and moved back out to his club. "Cyin! I want them found! I want them brought to me! Go now!"

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