Monday, August 13, 2012

SpoCon: Damien and the Dragon Kite

by: Ramond Macalino
The story you are about to read has been imagined out the minds of young spritelings at SpoCon 2012. My helpers in this adventure were "Clint Eastwood", "The Doctor", Izzy, Buffy and Naomi.

They have looked, page by page at this visual story (comprised almost entirely by illustration) and "written" their own version of it by supplying me with their unique interpretation.

The end result was quite zany and made us laugh a lot!  It was my task to take dictation of this story so that it could be shared here with everyone today.

Out of the minds of elflings...Once upon a time...

..there was a boy and a girl on a beach, flyin' a kite, and a dragon was watching...

...and there was also a dragon sleeping and some girl looking around and they found another dragon!  And they all thought they were ROCKS!

...and there was a guy flying in midair, we think that he was running or jumping or rumping or eating a quesadilla, or an ice-cream cone with cheese on it.  There was also a boy screaming at a dragon, with mustard in his hair.

The boy was yelling at the dragon because he was scared, or trying to move him, or had mustard in his shoes, or had banana-phone earrings and he wanted a burrito but...

...there was a girl pulling another girl's hair and they were screaming.  Whatever.

The boy was trying to move the dragon so he could kiss the girl (very Little Mermaid!) no, gorilla. (Ok, not so Little Mermaid anymore).

"Say please." said the little girl.
"Please." said the boy.

So now he could walk the dragon and teach it to fly, since it had turned into a pimply teenager.

So they started to fly away in the infinite, dark, cloudy, windy, abyss (way to wax Lovecraftian!) and the dragon changed colors to orange - no, pinkish-green.

The Dragon, Alfredo, was blind so he flew blindly into the sunset and the boy fell off.

"Thanks, Sis." said the boy.
"You're welcome." answered the girl.
"Wait!" exclaimed the boy.  "You're my mother!  You died ten years ago!"

The ghost mother said, "Peace, yo.  I'm out." And disappeared while fading in the deep, dark, windy, cloudy, abyssal sunset.

The Dragon came back all grown up, with a boy who turned into a girl and with Batman.

And they all turned into zombies.

The End.

(Now if that didn't make you laugh with non-sensicalness, you should have your funny bone checked!)

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  1. It was just as gloriously nonsensical as you promised. I laughed even more reading it than I did at your telling of it in person. I'm glad you had so much fun with SpoCon's younglings