Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sherwood: Setting Up Hollow

Red and orange hues painted a mixture of twilight skyline on the other side of the magical gate that Eloyn had opened.  As the sun laid to rest for the day, Serafina Flamedancer spun into view.  She was a fiery elemental with a passion for dancing on the lick of a tongue.

"I can light the way!" she chimed, and with a dip and tuck was through the door, the aura around her brightening in the ever darkening evening.

"If it pleases you, Princess, I'll guard the gates until it is time to leave." Eloyn bowed his head and Lolly nodded, thinking it was a good suggestion.

The troupe of Fae passed through the gate one by one and into the mortal realm on the other side.  To their collective surprise, waiting for them there was the prettiest Arctic Fox lady you've ever seen.  Her sleek white coat shimmered with the fire tongues that reflected off of the Flamedancer.

"Davika Mother!" Lolly smiled and stepped forward to give her long-time friend a hug.

"I thought you guys would never get here." The fox-lady smiled and waved an arm at a copse near some tall pines. "So in the meantime, I've been scoping out our hollow in Faerie Queen Alice's Grove.  Come on, I'll show you."  With a turn on her white, padded paw Davika set out toward the Faerie Grove.

The entourage was quite pleased to see how the area had come along so far and chatter erupted amongst them with all the ways they thought to set up the Hollow and decorate their surroundings.  Streamers, butterflies, bubbles, some toadstools, a gnome or two wouldn't hurt either.

The Wildfae known as Amarantha wanted to mark the area with red to ensure that no uninvited, little furry creatures wandered into their encampment so she set about enchanting the perimeter.  Furybash the Mad objected slightly, as he thought they might make for good stew, flashing his Redcap teeth.

"This will be the perfect place for us to recollect all of our lost Pixies to." approved Lolly.

Amidst the flurry of activity, the Princess turned to Lady Briarleaf and her new companion Rayzoo the Genie.  "Scoops," she began, for that was the Lady's secret nickname. "Tell me again how you and Rayzoo met?"

Glances passed between the two magical women and if it weren't for the fire-light of Serafin, Lady Briarleaf's blush might have lit the evening instead.

"Well...there's a Three Penny Tavern that belongs to Oberon, King of the Gypsies..." the courtly Lady began, and that's when everyone knew that shenanigans were in store...


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