Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dross Boxing for Faerieworlds!!

The green pixie narrowed here eyes skeptically, "What is a Dross Box?" She couldn't resist a sidelong glance.
Opening the box slowly - she really wished he'd hurry up already - the wood elf's brown eyes were full of mischief, "It's a box full of faerie treasure, silly!"
Inside the mossy, wooden compartment a small horde of shinies gleamed in the afternoon sun. There were diamond dewdrops, stormphrax, cracked thunder eggs, an irridescent snail shell, sea glass and an agate from the babbling brook nearby.
Absinthe tapped her foot impatiently, then darted her hand into the box but the elf-boy was faster and snatched it just out of her reach.
"Oh come on, Ryll! Let me see!" her thin wings dusted him under fluttery agitation.
He stuck his tongue out and laughed, "Huh-uh, Abby, that's not how it works!"
"Well then?" she glowered over crossed arms.
"You have to put IN a treasure, then you can take one out." Ryll was terribly puffed up about his own cleverness. For once he had something she wanted instead of always having to chase her to retrieve the feathers she swiped from his hair. "You know, tradesies!"
Black eyes glistened as Absinthe reached into the pouch on her belt with a grin. "Does this count?" Twirling between her thumb and finger was Ryll's red-hawk hair feather.

Dross Boxing is the new activity at Faerieworlds sponsored by a group of vendors. Our basic idea is to create a fun interactive adventure to embark upon whilst exploring booth to booth. We've enlisted our shining host of faerie helpers to skip through the event distributing organza baggies to anyone and everyone. Inside these baggies there will be a leafy passport to guide you around the realm a bit and starter dross (read: treasure!). As travellers visit the booths listed in their passport, they can get a stamp from that merchant to verify they stopped in and then dig through the Dross Box for treasure and swag swapping to take home with them. Once they've visited all the booths, they can return to the starting point named in the booklet for a chance to enter a drawing for a prize!
So this is my dross box o'swag that I finished yesterday and subsequently stuffed with all kinds of Faerie Treasure. We're still looking for vendors to participate and would love to include anyone interested as an awesome way to make our booths stand apart from the rest and create a bit of community and memorabilia! Anyone interested in either being part of the Shining Host of Helpers or a participating Vendor should contact me at ahague (at) gmail (dot) com so that we can get you registered and on the communication/discussion list!

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